Ignace & Fiacre

Life With Auntie and Big Brother

Hi, our names are Ignace and Fiacre, and we live with Auntie Uli and Big Brother Toussaint. Our daddy died in 2017, and our mom has difficulties caring for all six of us children. Auntie and Big Brother invited us to spend summer vacation with them last year. When vacation was over and school was about to start, our mom talked with Auntie and Big Brother and us, and it was decided that we could stay. We really like our new family, and we definitely enjoy getting enough to eat and not getting spanked.

Some things are a bit more difficult, like doing our homework and brushing our teeth all the time. But we get to shower every day, especially nice when we come back dirty and sweaty from playing soccer, although we think it really is not necessary to change clothes after every shower. We sure have to do laundry often, and we have to do it ourselves, but at least we always have soap.

We have a soccer field behind the house, and every evening after school’s out, our friends come to play. Véronique, the student missionary who lives with us, was a goalkeeper in Canada, and she coaches us and teaches us tricks.

We work in the fields with Big Brother on Sundays and during breaks, just like we did with our daddy. Today, when we moved a firewood pile, we found a rat and brought it back home. We roasted it on the fire and gave it to Neki and Molly, our dogs.

We need to run now; it’s soccer time!

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