Goa is an exotic mixture of Hindu and Christian, Indian and Portuguese, antiquity and modernity, religion and secularism.

Is God calling you to reach out to the Goan Catholics of India?

About the People

India’s smallest state, Goa, is located on the western coast 300 miles south of Mumbai and compares with Rhode Island in size but with almost twice as many people. This former Portuguese colony is an exotic mixture of Hindu and Christian, Indian and Portuguese, antiquity and modernity, religion and secularism, surf, sand and jungle. Superb climate, magnificent beaches, and modern accommodations support one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled vacation spots. Its checkered history includes a bloody 250-year inquisition and a reputation as a major trading center, dealing in spices, silks, porcelain, pearls and coral. In 1961, Goa achieved independence from Portugal and became a state within the country of India.

By nature, the people of Goa are warm, friendly, easygoing and large-hearted. They live life in style and at a leisurely pace. Although Goans are laid back, they enjoy sports like football (soccer) and cricket and are passionate about dance, music and art. Their main occupation is fishing, though many also promote their hotels, beach resorts, house rentals and restaurants. They typically eat seafood, beef and pork, curry and rice, vegetables, and various spices and sauces.

Goans are often multilingual, speaking their local Konkani language as well as others. Before independence, most Goans were educated in Portuguese. The majority of the population is Hindu (65%), Catholic (30%) and the remaining 5% of other religions. The bonds of language and Goan identity have created a strong enough allowance for different religious persuasions, and there is a remarkable degree of tolerance towards each other’s religious beliefs.

About the Project

Two units are needed to start a church-planting movement among the Konkani speakers of Goa. Currently, the Adventist church has two English schools associated with two churches in the English language and two churches in other Indian languages in Goa. But there is no church in Konkani, the mother tongue of the people of this state. We are looking for two families who are creative and entrepreneurial in their outreach. The approach used in cultivating friendships and making disciples will depend on the gifts and talents of the individuals God is calling and may involve some level of work in the healthcare field, a tourism-related area, graphic arts or promotions.

People-Group Facts

  • Population: 1.8 million
  • Language: Konkani
  • Religion: 65% Hindu, 30% Catholic