Kosovars are favorable towards Americans because of their support during the crisis for independence.

Is God calling you to reach out to the Kosovar people?

About the People

Kosovo is a partially recognized country in the central Balkans. After several decades of ethnic tension and conflict in the region, Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, although Serbia has never recognized this independence. Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia continue, and disputes are ongoing, sometimes destabilizing bordering municipalities.

The official languages of Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian, with Albanian being the first language of more than 90 percent of the population. Over 90 percent of the population is ethnically Albanian, with Serbian, Bosnian, Gorani, Romani and Turkish minorities. Kosovo has a secular government, with approximately 95 percent of the population claiming Islam as their religion in the 2011 census and 3.7 percent claiming Christianity. Religious freedom is protected by the constitution, as are ethnic and gender equality. The Kosovar people are family-oriented and traditionally hold up hospitality as one of their strongest values.

About the Project

One more missionary unit is needed to join a young family preparing to serve in the district of Prizren. There is a great need for women with training in prenatal and childbirth education or midwifery. Avenues for either gender include ESL teaching, stress management education, depression recovery counseling, or basic business and computer skills training.

People-Group Facts

  • Population: 2 million
  • Language: Gheg Albanian
  • Religion: Secular Islam

    Serving this Project

    • Fernando & Julia Betzel

      Volunteer Missionary Candidates since 2021

    Project Update

    Entered area in 2022