Claudette Aleman

Three Years

Already? It is hard to believe that on October 17, it will be three years since we arrived in Thailand, the most significant move in my life. When I was a child, my mom and I moved to the U.S.A., and even though that was huge, it does not compare to moving around the world to an entirely different culture.

Our time here in Thailand has been amazing! We have seen the LORD move most powerfully. We have also experienced difficulties on many levels, but in the midst of those, we have seen God’s protection and mighty intervention.

Thailand has become our home. We have friends and family here we love as our own flesh and blood. The memories that we have made have been life-changing. The smiles on the children’s faces when we play with them, teach them a Bible story or deliver food are enriching. Teaching the Bible with a translator in the heat of the day under a homemade tent is challenging and rewarding. Helping at the music school and the international church has been an amazing experience. When we have conversations with friends about their relationships and children and how they look for hope and discover that hope and encouragement in us, we feel incredibly blessed. Meeting new friends in the most random places reminds us that this is all God’s work, not ours.

Learning the language has been an interesting experience. Learning tonal languages is not easy at our age, but it is not impossible. Rene is doing much better than I am, as I homeschool the girls and do not have as much time to put into language learning. The beauty, though, is that we know enough to communicate and connect with others, and are making friends from many walks of life and socioeconomic classes. God continues bringing people to us that speak English and want to be our friends. We believe God has called us here to focus on the upper-middle class as many people we know fit this group and speak English. We are also blessed to have friends who do not speak English, which allows us to improve our Thai through our relationships and conversations with them.

Becoming a Christian in Thailand goes beyond what it would mean to most of us. Being Thai means being Buddhist, whether practicing or not, because it is their culture and identity. Please join us in prayer that all the connections we have made—through outreach, teaching English, game nights, baking cookies and eating together, worship, vespers, Bible studies and Sabbath School at our house—will bear fruit and that each will be quick to answer God’s call.

We are now beginning our first furlough. In our next article, we will share our ideas for the second phase of our ministry in Thailand. Thank you for your prayers and support. We would love to share more with you. Feel free to email us at, and we can arrange a time to talk on the phone or meet while we are on furlough if you are in Florida or Texas. We are blessed to work with you for the kingdom.

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