Rene Theunissen

Unlikely Lights

The eventide set in as we descended the steep hill on our red and white Honda XR 650 motorbike. The moon had a semicircular shape, and our range of vision was limited. I was admiring the town lights in the distance and the cool breeze that sneaked through my helmet. It had rained earlier, so the gravel road was wet and slippery.

It was a good day. One of our team members had her birthday, and we spent the day enjoying each other’s company. I was reminiscing about the day’s activities when I was brought back to reality as my husband stopped abruptly and made a sudden u-turn. I knocked on his helmet, asking, “What’s going on?”

“Someone needs help,” he answered.

On the other side of the road was a family on a village motorcycle, a metal structure motorcycle-wanna-be with an engine unworthy of the road. The gas tank is made of a yellow plastic bottle with a pipe connected to the engine. The seat is made of steel used for reinforcing roads, welded together in a square to form a seat, but without a cushion. It has no footrests, and it seems like a miracle for any of them to be running at all.

We slowly came up behind the motorcycle. The husband was driving with his wife as a passenger. Her hair blew in the wind, and her baby-pink hat flapped up and down on her back as she clamped her handbag over her shoulder.

We continued slowly behind the motorcycle, my heart stopping a little each time their engine underwent a mistimed explosion from the hand-made exhaust. When I realized what we were actually doing, my heart melted. My husband drove behind this couple for almost thirty minutes, lighting the way along the bumpy sand road as they had no headlight.
We continued behind them until they reached their destination, then we waved goodbye and turned around to head home.

My husband came to the rescue of someone in need. He said he knows how it feels to drive at night without a light, and he had to help. I could feel his unconditional love for lost people, and as we drove home, I thanked God for my husband, who provided unlikely light.

The next morning, I heard a knock on my door. I had not seen my neighbor for some time since she went to the city for business. I was surprised when I saw her eyes well up with tears. I hugged her and offered her some tea. After a short conversation, she confessed that she was depressed, that their business wasn’t doing well and that she was feeling miserable.

I explained that when I don’t feel well, I usually pray. I asked if she would mind if I prayed for her. She agreed, we held hands, and I prayed in my mother tongue like it was my last prayer. I rebuked Satan in her life and pleaded with God to lift her up, heal her and bless her. After the prayer, I could see an immediate change in her countenance. Her eyes were brighter, the dark cloud over her had disappeared, and she was smiling.

Her husband came in and sat down with us. He, too, had some tea. I told my neighbor that her husband misses her dearly whenever she is not there and only smiles when she is at home. He smiled shyly and looked at her with so much love. Before she left, I told her that God loves her, that I love her, and that she can come to me for help or prayer any time. I thanked her for her friendship, hugged her and waved goodbye. The next morning, she was chirpy, and I could hear her laughing.

While praying for my neighbor, I could feel God’s presence and power. I praise Him for healing her, knowing He loves and draws her to Himself. I am looking forward to our next prayer appointment. God is good all of the time, and He showed me that we should be an unlikely light every day.

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