Isatta Coker

When You Speak Against Satan’s Lies

My schedule was tight. I had been asked to preach at a women’s mini-camp meeting in Baiama. However, before leaving, I needed to travel to Freetown, the capital city, roughly six hours from where we live in Kono, to collect some documents. Praise God that I was able to get them and return home the very Thursday the camp meeting was scheduled to start. Exhausted, I laid down. But with my husband’s encouragement to travel to the camp first, then rest, I got up and packed. We left that evening.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and led to our lodging. The next morning I was so tired that it was hard to get out of bed. I could hear wailing, singing, and stamping of feet in the distance. It got louder as the people approached our house. I jumped out of bed and dressed. In my mind, I thought someone was dead or very sick. I ran out to check, only to find beautiful women who came to welcome us and, using songs, call us to prayer.

As they sang, someone interpreted the song: “God had allowed you to sleep well and see another beautiful day, so get up and worship Him.” I went in and called to my husband, then we joined them and went to the sanctuary for morning devotion.

At 11:00 a.m., the program commenced. I talked about the importance of and how to make activated charcoal. Our second discussion was on Romans 12:1-2. We then talked about secret societies and occultism. Almost all the women present participate in a prominent female secret society that practices certain rites of female genital mutilation. It was a challenging and sensitive topic because it was taboo and did not sit well with many. I was happy, though, that the message was presented. There was now no room for ignorance or excuses. God was glorified.

Some women approached and told us that the topic and its guidance were difficult for the villagers to accept because that is their culture and a core value. For any woman to get married or be considered a mature and responsible woman, they must go through the rite. The devil has caused women to consider the practice sacred.

We were supposed to have an evening session, “The Importance of the Women’s Ministry,” but due to their dissatisfaction, they did not attend.

On Sunday, the last day of our meetings, we marched through the village with a band leading us. We sang songs of praise. Please pray that these people who Satan has blinded will accept the truth and give their lives to Christ.

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